Music and Nature

Is Live Music Ever Coming Back?

For a while now, musicians have missed out on the immediacy of a live audience. For regular audience members life without live entertainment and sporting events has been agonizing. But, like we human beings almost always tend to do, we came up with some solutions. “Any show the audience likes is a good show.” Martin … More

Justin Meeks - Drummer

Remote Recording: Blind Date

I promised myself to stay focused and motivated this year! Like a lot of creatives I’ve spoken to recently, I’ve been hibernating this winter and letting some creative ideas simmer and marinate. It’s been a reflective time and out of self-reflection hopefully comes new understanding. I see this as the time to write and record … More

I do my best to make a habit of waking up every morning before 6:00 a.m. to listen to the multi-layered cacophony of songbirds from my deck. It’s a magical time of day that I find inspiring and rejuvenating. It’s never the same “concert” twice!

“Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee”

Job 12:8

What can I learn from these special moments that applies to my own music? Firstly, I’m reminded of how important it is to listen. Every voice may contain a hidden melody, some unique phrasing you may not have heard before. In my case, Robins and Blue Jays battle it out for sonic turf like the Jets and the Sharks in West Side Story – – each group trying to outdo the other in decorative plumage and song.

I appreciate and pay closest attention to the varying rhythms, the staccato bursts, exhaustingly long trills; like passages in a complicated classical solo. When I’m fortunate, this can inform my drum beat, my bass groove.

Every morning is another opportunity to declare your independence from the limiting beliefs that keep you from being creative. Set yourself free!

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