Is Live Music Ever Coming Back?

For a while now, musicians have missed out on the immediacy of a live audience. For regular audience members life without live entertainment and sporting events has been agonizing. But, like we human beings almost always tend to do, we came up with some solutions.

“Any show the audience likes is a good show.”

Martin Gottfried – theatre critic

For now, it looks like we’re going to be glued to our devices moire than ever. Live-streaming seems like a viable income stream but as far as the adrenaline rush of being onstage, it doesn’t really offer the artist much. Are we going to be performing in front of a bunch of cardboard cut-outs for a while?

The important thing is that we keep creating music. The world needs it now more than ever. The way we share our music might look a little different for a while. But, as venues begin to reopen at reduced capacities, we as artists need to prepare ourselves for a emotionally raw, sensory-deprived audience that’s hungry for a good time and demanding to be satiated with sound!

Now is the perfect time to get ambitious. Start a new project. Take on a new collaborator. Rethink your set list. Above all, tighten your chops. We we all finally get back out there I have a feeling expectations are going to be high!


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