Remote Recording: Blind Date

Justin Meeks - Drummer

I promised myself to stay focused and motivated this year! Like a lot of creatives I’ve spoken to recently, I’ve been hibernating this winter and letting some creative ideas simmer and marinate. It’s been a reflective time and out of self-reflection hopefully comes new understanding. I see this as the time to write and record as much new material as possible.

With a significant income stream, namely touring and live venues, all but gone, musicians have been hit particularly hard during the pandemic. The upside is, highly sought after session players who were previously unavailable, suddenly find they have tons of time on their hands and are eager for a creative outlet.

Here are some of the sensational musicians on that I collaborated with on my upcoming single, “Blind Date,” due out on Valentine’s Day.

While it’s not the same thing as jamming together in the same room, I’m determined to make the most out the process.

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