Building Better Bass Skills

Guild Starfire II Bass guitar

Who doesn’t love a song with a good beat that you can dance to?

Regardless of the genre people get up and dance when a tight rhythm section drives the groove. Recently I decided I wanted to write a few original tunes from the ground up and wanted some help creating funky, memorable bass lines.

Like just about everyone else on the planet, whenever I want to learn something new or get better at a certain skill I turn to YouTube. It seems that no matter what you’re looking for there’s a deep wealth of knowledge out there. Here are a few of my recent discoveries.

Jim Stinnett – is a Berklee College of Music Professor of Bass and Arranging and author of numerous books on the subject. Stinnett’s understanding of Motown and his analysis of James Jamerson is what drew me to this channel. Mr. Stinnett has an entertaining, encouraging teaching style that keeps his channel engaging. Stinnett’s chops are impeccable – – really top-notch!

BassBuzz – This informative channel breaks down some funky bass lines with an engaging sense of humor, simple to follow instructions with bold graphics. It’s a great resource for creating or improving your own original bass lines.

Yonit Spiegielman – Brooklyn-based groove master, Yonit Spiegelman’s channel is a great place to start is if you’ve just picked up the bass and want to get funky right out of the box. Her smooth chops and easy going teaching style will get you off to a great start!

Born on this day (September 21)

Leonard Cohen, singer / songwriter, 1934, Montreal, Canada

Faith Hill, singer, 1967, Ridgeland, Mississippi

Tyler Stewart, drummer / vocalist (Barenaked Ladies), 1967, Toronto, Canada

Billy Porter, actor / singer (Kinky Boots), 1969, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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